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Starting OSCP

first of all I think everyone knows about the difficulty of #OSCP and how hard it is to pass the exam. Most of the people think its the golden ticket to the security industry.

Let’s start. But where to start right? Found a list from @TJ_Null, I will try to do all the machines. Will try to do these without metasploit since the exam restrict metasploit and other kinds of automated tools

Some might question what’s the use really? In the real world, we use tools. Yes, that is true and I had the same question. and I do have the answer now. the automated tools will give you lots of advantages. But do you really know what you’re doing? do you know how the exploit is working? what did it do? how is the attack getting through? you don’t you just depend on it. Some may say yea so what. For me, I would like to start writing my own exploits. I would like to know how it works. The answer for me would try harder and learn how it works. But might not be the case for all.

Next two months I will be documenting everything I do for OSCP in this blog. someone might just get few benefits from it. Don’t forget I’m also learning. So yea i will be going through other materials which I find in the Internet. But I will be sure to give credit to who ever I have taken that lesson from.

Let’s start the journey. I’m attaching the list with this blog post and will go through the windows machines first. Why windows first? I’m weak in the windows environment so gonna learn that first. and also will be going through some buffer overflow ones as well. You can see the list and also I think updates it regularly so Im gonna post his link here. Hope that he won’t mind. I will also do some boxes from vulnhub.

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  1. misterstark misterstark

    Thanks for taking the time to go through these and especially doing them without Metasploit! Good luck on your OSCP!

    • Thnx. hope you will enjoy as much as me doing it.

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