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Passed eLearningSecurity Junior Penetration Tester

Always been interested in the security, have said that I never really had any certifications in the field. So have started out with the basics from eLearningSecurity.

The beginning

After enrolling in to PTSv4 spent one week studying and the next week practiced everything I have learned in the course. I didn’t know if I was ready. Honestly I have practiced few things in Hack the box. Other than that I have no experience in the field.

The course content was really great for beginners like me. first of all they went through basic networking and also have to learn a bit of python and C++. after that moves information gathering, Enumeration etc. I like getting hands-on that’s why I choose this course. I don’t wanna be the guy who knows just the names of the tools. I wanna know how it is done.


After one week of practice, I thought why not take the exam. was thinking what if I don’t pass. It was an online exam and they give 3 days to finish it. So I was wondering why not give it a shot right? If I fail will start again. so I sat down and pressed the magic button. Took me 5 hours to complete the exam. I think I could have done it in 3 hours if I actually read the exam guide. I didn’t read the exam guide. The exam guide had few files to download for cracking the shadow file and other stuff which sadly I missed in the first three hours.

In the exam, there were 2 hidden networks and one more network which I had access using the VPN. So I hacked into the first network I saw. after that I was searching for the rest of the answers but couldn’t find it. I spent the first 3 hours thinking about what I was missing. Had a break went out for a coffee with some friends. They didn’t even know I was doing an exam. came home after a while and started the exam again. was browsing through the exam page when I finally found the files to download. Downloaded the files extracted and saw there was a Wireshark file. checked it out got access to the first hidden network and also found the second hidden network. that was it I was done with everything in the next two hours.

It was really fun exam. I loved it. I would recommend anyone who wants to get into the security field to get their hands dirty with eLearningSecurity.

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